Monday, 21 October 2013

Week 20.

If we look a little rough around the edges/tired in this photo, it's because we kind of are.
We had a pretty huge work week, staying well into the evening trying to pull everything together in time for the book launch. Work is piling up and I'm not quite sure how to achieve everything I need to with a baby on my hip. I only want to do this whole work thing if it's fair to her, and she's still getting the best care possible. Because Chris and I share a work space, we are often passing her back and forward in order to be productive. There is also so much happening at work, stimulation overload & it's tricky for us to get her to sleep as much as she needs. 
Plum has also had a big growth spurt so I've been awake most nights feeding. We've started introducing a few foods to her palette, which is hilarious and messy.
On top of this I'm stressed trying to pull together a body of work for an end of year exhibition in a few weeks. 
And ! to top it off, Willow pulled a bowl of hot curry onto herself today. Fucking. Stressful.
She's fine, we're fine. I just needed to write some of this down to digest it a little bit.
We're still trying to nut out the work dilemma. As much as I adore being around all my best friends and family every day, along with the satisfaction of what I do & the affection that she gets from everyone that walks in the door, the most important thing is that Willow gets my undivided attention. Plus, I really want my house to be tidy! & I want more time for my garden. And yoga. And friends. 
They say that women with babes can't have it all, and I don't know if that's true, or if women just have to make really important decisions about what it is that they REALLY want. 
Anyway, lots for me to think about. 
It feels good to type it all out, haha.

By the way, 5 months old ! When did that happen? That's almost half a year. Already so many itsy bitsy onesies have been put away. I just want to freeze this moment forever, even though it's hectic.

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