Monday, 14 April 2014


I was generously gifted an Iphone as an early birthday present. (Thank-you mum !)
I have instagram & you can follow me here.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Clothes Swap

For the last few months (or since always, maybe that, too) I have been doing that frustrating thing that women seem to do. Each morning I stand at my huge rack overflowing with clothes, convinced that I have nothing to wear. It is laden with beautiful 50's dresses, velvet Karen Walker suits & about 15 pairs of jeans I don't wear. 
I've never been much of a purger. I hold on to things, convinced that one day, I will find them in favour. Convinced that there will be an occasion for that dress, one day. 

Well, I finally took action.
Last week, I invited over some of the styliest ladies I know. 
We all threw our offcasts into a big pile on my lounge floor, and rummaged like crazy.
It was extremely overwhelming & intense but INCREDIBLE.
I was able to get rid of six shopping bags of things I don't wear, & in return I got some of the most beautiful things I could have hoped for.

When you can't buy things, you privately compile little dream shopping lists in your head of the things you pine for.
Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe that is some fine tuned synchronicity, but I got every single thing on that list from the clothes swap.
I'm not fucking around. 
Ever since we started this I have been feeling more spoilt than ever before. I am learning to have true gratitude for the things I do have.

It was such a pleasure to watch all of these beautiful girls walk out the door with handfuls of new treats.
I think it will definitely have to become a 6 monthly event.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Three tired people.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Not off to a good start taking photos everyday this week, I left my battery charger at work & now Chris has taken my camera to do some filming for work.
Oh well. Photos will come.

In the meantime I am really excited to share some things I have been working on lately.
Each night when Willow is asleep, I have been working late into the night in my makeshift ceramics studio.
This is my second crate of greenware off to the kiln & I couldn't be more excited.
Such a rewarding craft.
I can't wait to get these little babies back from the bisque firing and glaze them!