Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Preserved Lemons

I keep finding myself in the company of bountiful citrus tree owners.
Aside from our daily fruit/vegetable juice, I couldn't use all the tangy little suckers, so I thought I'd give preserving them a go. I'm yet to reap the rewards, as it takes about a month or so in a dark place for them to do their thing, but they look so pretty.

The method is pretty basic:
Sterilise a large jar & fill the bottom with salt. I used rock salt, & I'm pretty sure that's the best thing for it. Apparently regular running salt gives it a bitter taste. Scrub your lemons & cut into quarters, leaving them connected at the tippy top.
Pop a tablespoon of salt in the middle of each lemon, and squash as many lemmys as you can into the jar. Try and avoid leaving any air pockets, you can fill the jar up with lemon juice or olive oil & any aromatic herbies you like. Bay leaves are more traditional, I just used rosemary from my garden.
I kind of think garlic and chilli would be nice in there, too? I'll see how this first batch pans out !
They last pretty much forever, but best to refrigerate once open. Remove the pith and just use the rind in cooking.
H x

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