Sunday, 9 February 2014


Oops, we cheated and bought a rug. I just have a real thing for kind of ugly South American rugs.
Plus it was from Sam & Naomi's garage sale, so money in good hands, I think.
$10 isn't exactly a big deal, but this week I have seriously hit a rut with this no spending thing.
We got burger fuel one night when we still hadn't had a chance to do dinner at 9.30pm. I was tempted to buy a lotto ticket ! (but didn't) & when I lost my cellphone a couple of days ago, I tried to convince myself that buying an iPhone off my friend was essential.
I think it will take time to change my attitude towards consuming. I have a lifetime of flippant spending habits to undo.
We're also starting to work out what is realistic & what isn't. I've managed to bend the rules to allow a maximum of $10 a week on gardening supplies. Seeds, seedlings, sheep pellets, mulch & bamboo stakes are a huge part of my life, haha. I think if it has a return, then it's worth the small output.
However, the rules are that I can only spend the money if it's really necessary, & I have to ask around first to see if there are any spares floating around going unused in our community of friends & family.
Baby steps.

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