Sunday, 29 December 2013

First Christmas

My family is notoriously shit at christmas. We all work like crazy people right up 'til christmas eve, & we usually spend christmas morning getting as much rest as possible, sans gifts, and get straight back to work boxing day.
Maybe it's the baby, maybe it's that my brother and I both have partners with festive families, but for the first time ever, I got excited about Christmas.
Willow got so spoilt by everyone (apart from Chris & I, we got her a $15 drum from trade aid. Tinny jerks).
I completely forgot to document any of it, luckily my brothers awesome girlfriend Alex took some photos.

Alex sewed the beautiful quilt for Willow, and the picture in the frame is one of her beautiful artworks comprised of thousands of tiny dots. It is an image of Willow's feet at two weeks old. You can see more of her work here.
She also took this photo of Willow & my brother Izaak taking a nap together and it kills me. I really wanted to share it. x

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