Friday, 4 October 2013

A week in Melbourne

We visited friends and scoped out the city of Melbourne last week & it was beaut.
A little after I returned to New Zealand from travelling last year, Chris & I made the plan to move to Melbourne in Febuary of this year. Neither of us had ever actually been there, but we liked the sound of it, and we figured it was as good a place as any if we wanted to venture out of New Zealand.
That was shortly before I fell pregnant, & our plans changed considerably.
It was such a blessing to be able meet the city I had heard so much about, to wander the lanes, catch the trams, get inspiration from the abundance of cafes & eateries and also to experience the wrath of Melbourne parking wardens (three tickets!).
But as the week wrapped up, I felt so grateful to be coming home.
In part because we were exhausted. Adventuring around all day with a teething baby can wear you down.
Thought mostly it just made me so appreciate the city I live in. Where we live, I walk down my front door steps to the beach.
The ocean doesn't exist to Melbournians, & when we flew over the city, all I saw was a vast, almost endless plateau of houses, buildings, suburbs. No nature.
Anyway, as much as I enjoyed our trip, sometimes travelling is important to remind you that what you have is enough.

Exploring the lanes

Beautiful Jenna

Exploring & Thrift shops

My mum, Willow & the mirror. Self love.

Sorry for the excess of mediocre photos, I've been trying to live with my camera a little more in hand lately. The result is a whole lot of average photos, but I would rather put them out in the world to be seen than have them live a life of hiding on my laptop. It's kind of a part of me toughening up and learning to hustling myself a little better.

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