Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Waiheke Island

It was my birthday last week, & in the days leading up, Chris started getting pretty suspicious.
I tried not to ask too many questions, but I really just don't have the patience for surprises. It's actually incredible, when I think about it, that I had to twist Chris' arm to not find out the baby's gender, seeing as he is SO the patient one.
Anyway, he rented a little cabin in the bush on Waiheke for the weekend & it was glorious.
My beautiful mum coerced us to come & see her at Little & Friday (work on my birthday ! No !) but she cooked us the most amazing breakfast ever & we enjoyed some mighty sunshine before heading over on the car ferry.

The weather was insanely beautiful over there, it's so close to Auckland but the weather here pales in comparison. I finally understand what all the fuss is about.

On the boat over. This guy. Is my jam.

The place we stayed was literally in the bush. It was so teeny and had a loft bed with a library ladder to get there. I wont get into the logistics of getting a baby up a library ladder every night, but it was still awesome. Also, the wildest spiders ! One of the nights we woke up and turned the light on and saw a spider the size of my hand crawling on the outside of our window.

We mostly spend the weekend going on long, long walks, perusing the morning markets, lying in the sun & eating. A lot. The people of Waiheke are so friendly, we couldn't believe it.

Also, the freesias ! Holy shit, the whole island smelt like a dream ! They were everywhere. I made Chris drive me around on the last day hunting for them, & I brought back bunches and bunches of them for my house.

Willow 'driving'.

The whole weekend was beautiful & I can't wait to go back in the summer when it's a bit warmer & I'm brave enough to go for a swim.

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