Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 76.

This weather is pretty fucking miserable. However, it's pretty good to stay inside & paint.
We popped up out to catch up over coffee with my friend Rene. He basically couldn't have come at a better time. Rene is a really talented photographer that shoots predominantly fashion, and although I have no interest in working with fashion, it was so inspiring to talk to a photographer who has made such a good name for himself. I'm at such a tricky/awesome place at the moment, where I have so many options as to what I can do with my life, and it feels like such a big leap to choose one path.
Rene gave me the kindest pep talk/slap in the face that reminded me to stop fucking around. To just start making opportunities for myself and stop expecting things to come to me. I always find it so frustrating to watch other people with talent or passion but just not enough nouse or motivation to make it happen. I am being that guy !
Anyway, a little bit of a rant but it feels good to have something in cement.
Willow has a cute new hat.

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