Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 65.

Now that Willow is big enough we have finally been able to swap to cloth diapers.
We're going cloth for a few obvious reasons, environmental & financial. While she was too small for the cloth, we were using a really environmentally friendly brand that they stocked in our local supermarket (amazing !), naty.
Everyone kind of smirked at me when I said we were going to cloth diaper, and lectured me at great length about how much work it is. But it's totally not ! It's just an extra load of washing every two days.
I also started making my own wipes once I started researching what is actually in them. They are a 7 on the hazardous scale ! Holy shit !
Making your own is really, really cheap and lasts ages.
For any mamas out there, here is how I do;

Heavy duty paper towel roll, cut in half (easiest to saw it with a bread knife)
about a cup or two of boiled water
2 Tbs organic baby soap
2 Tbs oil, I just used sweet almond
A few drops of essential oil e.g. tea tree or lavender
A countainer & a lid

Mix ingredient, put paper towel roll into container and cover in the solution. Once soaked pull out the middle cardboard roll and the start of the wipes should come with. Slice a cross into the lid of container and thread the wipes through.

I also sometimes make cloth wipes with muslin squares, just make sure they are specially for this, not for beb's face.

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