Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 59.

Day 59 ! When did that happen ! I feel like this project is almost over !
Sorry for getting a couple of days behind, I feel very guilty. I keep tabs of it on my computer, but I'm just a little too lazy and distracted to upload them every day at the moment. I will try harder !
We booked tickets to Melbourne last night ! See you in six weeks, Melbourne !
We went to the markets this morning, they were so terrible, we bought nothing but socks with bananas on them. We got coffee and bread and came home to clean and air out our house. We've been so busy hibernating, I completely forgot the pleasure of fresh air. I weeded my vege garden which has been painfully neglected through the winter, especially with Willow keeping me so busy. I was pleased to see broccoli and celery had not missed my absence ! It's humbling to remember that as important as we make ourselves feel in the progress of our gardens, plants really don't need us to interfere with their maintenance.
I made bruschetta with pouched eggs for lunch.
We went to Sam & Naomi's for cake and tea. Sam taught me how to better use my camera & gave Chris a bike, it is a beautiful canary yellow. He's busy fixing it up as I type c:
Happy Sunday everybody xx

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