Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 49.

Possibly the worst day ever.
Out of the blue, Willow decided not to sleep today.
If you don't have a kid, you're thinking, yeah, whatever, no biggie.
If you do have a kid, you probably just shed a tear in sympathy. Thank-you.
Babies are supposed to sleep 18 hours a day. I was only able to get Willow to sleep for 20 minutes at a time, every hour or two. The less sleep she got, the more fucked off she got, and understandably so. 
For anyone out there that thought babies just sleep when they are tired, let this be a lesson to you.
I was beside myself, I googled EVERYTHING. Yes, I was that guy. Extremely ashamed to admit it. 
Alas, no answers were found on google. 
Finally, at about 6pm she properly fell asleep. 
Nothing can wash off a bad day like beautiful friends Molly & George bringing around home made soup and raw chocolate. Love love love you guys xx

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