Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 46.

Somewhere along the way, you grew.
It wasn't noticeable at first. A tiny bit, everyday, while we slept at night, I almost didn't see it happening. Almost.
You're gaining strength to match your spirit. Your plump little body wriggles around in my arms, so eager to see everything around you. It's only when you are soft asleep wrapped up in bed with me that I am reminded of the new sleepy little bundle you were such a short time ago. 
I remember that first moment I saw you, you were placed on my chest while we were still in the operating theatre.
I could hardly move my arms, so i just kept kissing your fingers.
My brain was was running miles trying to catch up with what had happened, that I was no longer pregnant, that you were the same person that had been kicking inside of me, that this was the face of my child. Trying to take in every detail of that face, familiarise myself with it. 

I love you more than I have ever loved anything.

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