Monday, 1 July 2013

Day 24.

The last few days Plum has decided that she is a morning person. She usually falls asleep after an hour, which newborns are supposed to. Nowadays, she is one hundred percent ready to party from about 6am-9am. I don't mind getting up at that time so we just hang about, and it helps her to fall asleep faster if we go for a walk with her wrapped to my front. However, this morning we decided to pop up to Takapuna markets. I have been obsessed with Markets ever since I became friends with Naomi about 6 years ago. I've managed to scale back the amount of crap I hoard but I still can't skip a market. Market FOMO is probably the best way to describe it. I used to drag Chris out of bed at an ungodly hour every Sunday morning, but luckily now I have a baby to do that bit for me. My haul this week was so mediocre I don't even want to share it with you. Hoping for better luck next week !

My good friend Molly came over to meet Willow this afternoon, and she also has a wee blog. I was asking her about how she knows what to write about. I mean, this project is predominantly for myself and for Willow, but it is also so valuable for keeping friends and family in the loop with her growth. So now that I feel like I have am audience I don't want it to be boring with just photos of her sleeping everyday ! (Even though it's pretty fucking cute..) She told me to just write about anything. Even the really boring mundane things that we do everyday. (Okay, everything we do is boring and mundane at the moment) So, what I'm saying is, I hope you don't mind reading about our boring little days.

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