Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 5.

Two months before my due date, my Nana was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer & given about six weeks to live. The only thing she wanted to experience before she died, was meeting and holding her first great grandchild. So we made a pact, I would try convince Bubble to come early, on the condition that she would hold out long enough to meet her.
We had always joked about how my Granddad wouldn't survive without her, but with the loss of her health came the rapid decline of his. We were starting to really worry that we wouldn't get to see this pan out, first pregnancies tend to go over due date.
But Willow held true to her word, she came two weeks early.
This past weekend, we drove to Tauranga to introduce the two sassiest ladies of our family (sometimes you can just tell, even with a newborn. She got soul.)

I love you, Laurel & Sel.

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