Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 16.

You wouldn't let me sleep last night. I really appreciate your commitment to the cause, but sometimes, my girl, it's about compromise.

I knew this would be hard, I just didn't really know which kind of hard. One of the things that is hard about it, is that you can't blame anyone when it gets tough. I naturally want to revert to the blame game at 2am when Chris gets to sleep through the night. It's like, well, actually, it's not Chris's fault he can't breastfeed, haha. It's certainly not Willow's fault that she's a hungry newborn. And it's not my fault either. Then I laugh at myself, because it's nobodies fault, because nothing is really wrong. This is just a fact. A short part of life that isn't here for very long, so fucking enjoy it. Enjoy the fact that no one is ever going to like you as much as this little dependent peanut does. She actually likes the sound of your voice, she looks your straight in the eye, & when she fusses, all it takes to calm her is the warmth of your skin.
How often in your life will somebody cherish you this much ?
It's definitely not as hard as I thought.

I love you, Plum cake. You are the perfect fit.

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