Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 12.

So far, we have done sweet fuck all. Recovering from surgery, surviving on 5 hours sleep a day, and breastfeeding for 8 out of 24 hours pretty much leaves me wanting to knit and eat soup with the rest of my day. However, today Chris went back to work. We're two and a half weeks into this whole thing, and I figure I better start leaving my house sometimes. I've managed to avoid it thus far, Devonport is such a small village, you walk out your door and you see six people you know, and I've noticed that in my sleep deprived state I have started just staring at people smiling (awkwardly), unable to think of a single conversation starter.
In my pregnancy, I walked on the mountain a lot. I remember in a letter that i wrote to this mystery baby in my belly, how excited I was for it to see the mountain for the first time for the outside. Which I now realise is basically a joke because Willow has her eyes open for about 1% of the day. It's going to be a while before she can really see anything.
I wont romanticise it, it was a dreary as fuck day, all the trees were skeletons of their former selves.
But it was really, really awesome to walk that familiar route, & instead of holding my belly, I held your warm little body.

Thank-you so much to Caitlin, Kate, Madi & everyone at Natures Sway for so generously gifting us these baby carriers. It is so incredible to have the opportunity to have Plummy exactly where she is supposed to be, bundled up against us, while leaving our hands free. Thank-you a million times over.

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